Airtel Unlimited Data Plan And How To Subscribe


Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

Telecom giants Airtel, has recently introduced unlimited data plan to its teeming subscribers in Nigeria. The Airtel unlimited data plan comes in three different data categories at different prices.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans are specifically designed for heavy data activities like downloading, streaming and sharing with friends and family.

Airtel Unlimted Data Plan

Airtel Unlimited Plan (N10, 000)

This is the least expensive data plan among the aritel unlimited data plan packages

with the Subscription Fee Of #10000 Subscription Code *406*10# Validty 30days

PS Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy applies after 40GB

Airtel Unlimited Plan (N15, 000)

This is the second unlimited data plan from Airtel and the validity is equally 30 days just like the first one.

Subscription Fee Of #15000 Subscription Code *406*15#

PS Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy applies after 65GB

Airtel Unlimited Plan (N20, 000)

This is the most expensive out of the three and it comes with a Free Mifi, which is redeemable when you visit an airtel shop.

Subscription Fee Of #20000 Subscription Code *406*20#

PS Data Plans from Airtel. Fair Usage Policy applies after 100GB


FAQs By Customers

1. What is the difference in the unlimited plans?

​    The 3 plans have different fair usage policies (FUP) at which the customer’s speed is throttled to 256kbps

2. What speed can the customer expect when buying the unlimited plans?

    The unlimited plans are burstable till FUP after which the speed comes to 256kbps

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3. What is the FUP for all the unlimited plans?

    Unlimited 10 is 40GB, unlimited 15 is 65GB while unlimited 20 is 100GB

4. What is the validity of the unlimited plans?

    Validity is 30 days from activation

5. What do I get when I purchase the unlimited 20 plan?

    At N20,000 – free Mifi

6. How do I get the free data terminal- Mifi/Router?

    At the nearest Airtel showroom in your area or through a designated Airtel agent

7. On activation, how do I purchase a data plan?

    Simply log on to and purchase the unlimited plan of choice or the required Airtime recharge.

   Data Bundle/Airtime can be purchased from any Airtel number of choice.






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