Bobrisky Touches Man’s Private Part in Male Restroom


Bobrisky Touches Man’s Private Part in Male Restroom

A video of Bobrisky touching the private part of a man has emerged.

The pair were heard in a conversation which saw the Nigerian Barbie express an interest in grabbing the company by the private part.

Bobrisky and the fan in a restroom

A dolled-up Bobrisky was asked about his visit to a male toilet — One will assume given his looks, he will make use of the female toilet — but came a cheeky response worthy of laughter. The question is perhaps a reflection of how he is perceived in public – a “Shemale”.

This was observed in an Instagram post by Naija Exclusive on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

“Bobrisky is here. Bobrisky what are you doing in a male toilet?,” asks a man.

“I want to see your d**k,” answers a Nigerian Barbie who went into more action in furtherance of his interest.

The video had to failed to capture him in full length as he presumably made to touch the happy company on his penis.

Watch below:

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