Davido apologizes to female lawyer over the act of body shaming


Davido apologizes to female lawyer T. Lolo and women all over the world

Davido showed regret over his motion via this post, pointing out that he should have dealt with the situation in a different way.

He made this apology public via his Instagram cope with, he wrote:

On this side, all you ever get is, ‘You are a celeb you should have a thicks.’I know that and believe me I got a thick skin. I get hate daily. I ignore hate daily.

“But I’m human too and sometimes even as celebs we get mad too and we react and even overreact. This one did hit me differently and I lashed out. And for my reaction yesterday, I apologise. I should have handled it differently,”

“There are two little girls that he has brought into this world. All of these people are aiming for some kind of influence.

“And I think it is a bad example. What does my body have to do with anything?”

“As you know I am a father of 2 beautiful girls, a brother to 2 beautiful ladies, a boyfriend to one beautiful lady and son to the most beautiful woman to ever live. I have them amongst millions of people all over the world watching me and owe them the very best at all times.

“For my reaction and things said in response, I apologise. I let my anger get the better of me and it was wrong. Everyone that knows me knows of my love and respect for women but also the impulsive nature that makes me who I am.”

Davido apologizes to female lawyer T. Lolo and women all over the world

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