KKTBM Dj Timmmy Fires Comedian Akpororo In New Post


KKTBM Dj Timmmy Fires Comedian Akpororo

Just when we thought it was all over KKTBM’s Dj Timmy begins boasting that he won’t apologize to Apkororo and will return Violence with Violence.

“I Don’t Owe Him Any Apology, But if he Should Come at me With Violence, I’ll Give Him Violence”

Dj Timmy who slammed Akpororo’s wife calling her a sex slave amongst other things obviously is not okay with the way the feed seemed to end.

Comedian Akpororo in a recent interview had concluded all in past

‘’with the answer his DJ got, he suppose to know say he mess up. I be comedian..so no beef. I no come they yab am. I just talk my own, e don pass. I have more to say but whom he go help. Yung6ix warn that your guy, he too talk. Make him mellow down”.

See what Dj Timmy had to say

‘‘I was only joking, you know a joke is not always funny if its about you. I just wanted to say something extreme so that he can feel the way I felt and the way fans of Yungsix felt when he made his own joke. No joke is a joke, that’s why we call it a joke. There’s nothing like a joke is too far. We shouldn’t be selfish and self centered. I don’t know Akpororo, I don’t know his wife, I don’t know anybody, I just wanted to say something extreme that will get to him because of how I was feeling at that point in time’.

‘I’m a comedian, a hypeman and a Dj there’s nothing to apologise for and I cannot focus on social media comments of people that are frustrated and depressed.
I don’t owe him any apology, but if should come at me with violence, I’ll give him violence. If he comes at me with peace, I’ll give him the peace. I don’t have anything to say to him because I was just joking. I was under the umbrella of jokes’.

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Dj Timmy said he got a lot of welldones from musicians, do you know how many A-list musicians called me to say ‘nice one’?.

That’s why I can’t be focusing on social media trolls. I went to Kings College Lagos, I was bullied all my life, I was abused all my life, so I’ve developed a thick skin to it. Internet trolls can’t get through to me.

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