Artist Discovery - FloEazy

Artist Discovery – FloEazy

We have being scouting online to see which young acts we can look out for and found a couple but one seems to get our attention. He goes by the name FloEazy.

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Artist Discovery - FloEazy

FloEazy is a Ghanaian and Nigerian afropop/afrobeat artist with couple of songs officially out and have a great musical video titled “Halima” to his credit as well.

He is one young act every upcoming artist needs to learn from in terms of branding and also interacting with fans on social media. His hardwork is gradually getting recognized and I begin to ask myself why don’t I give him some accolades for his hardwork to let him know we all see his efforts and appreciate his kind of music.

In his recent post on Twitter after we went through his social media platforms. He posted this which we feel is a great step and possibly the best decision as an upcoming artist to do.. He said

“I’m not in a rush 2 drop any project now cos I wanna make sure I get it right.. My fans deserves d best & understand how I work..The structure have 2 be right.. Thanks 2 all my #FloRangers 4 d patience. #CrossingBoundaries 🌍✈️”

Artist Discovery - FloEazy

This statement by FloEazy made us realize he is one artist that knows what he wants and ready to give out his best. Will say kudos to his team as well who are working together to make this young man an outstanding brand. He is coming to spotlight and might be selected among the rookie of the year. I pray he gets the credit as we wish him a successful career.

HOT !!!  Music: Floeazy - Halima (Prodby. YoungTrill)

Please let’s follow FloEazy on all social media platforms @FloEazyRocks

We say keep up the good works Mr. FloEazy, the Halima crooner.




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