Students name hostel after Hushpuppi in Edo state


Students Name Hostel After Hushpuppi In Edo State, He Responds

Self Acclaimed entrepreneur Hushpuppi may not be the most liked by Nigerians but this hasn’t stopped his fans from showing how much they love him anytime they get the chance.

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Recently, some students of Auchi Polytechnic in Edo state showed the world how much they love Hushpuppi as they named their hostel after him .

He took to his Instagram page to share his excitement and he also promised that one day, he will donate something to better the living conditions of the students of the hostel.

See What He Said Below;

Students Name Hostel After Hushpuppi In Edo State, He RespondsSomewhere far away in Auchi polytechnic Edo state where I’ve never been, some wonder students decided to name their hostel after me, I am so honored and this is just the beginning, many more to come, streets will be named after me soon. To this wonderful student I someday soon will reach out to you guys n make donations to better your living conditions in that hostel. #TeamHushpuppi #WinningTeam

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